Celebrating Our November Donors - The Selfhelp Home

Celebrating Our November Donors

We are deeply grateful for the following individuals and organizations who generously supported The Selfhelp Home during the month of November.


Alliant Insurance Services, Inc

Benevity, Inc.

Ethan Bensinger

Sherwood Benson, in memory of Tamana Sharton

Eric D. Brandfonbrener

Alice Cannon

Stanley Dreyfuss and Anita Shore

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fein, in memory of Leonore Fein

Joan Hersh, in memory of Herb Hersh and Herb Wolf

Mr. & Ms. Jerry Herst and Julie Dorfman

JSL Building Restoration Group, Inc.

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Kane

Jerold & Evelyn Levin, in memory of Sol & Elsa Strauss

Mr. & Mrs. Ben Lewin, in memory of Arlene King

Judith E. Parker, in memory of Konrad & Melita Parker and Lois Mayer

Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Rappe

Dale Reiss & Jerome King

Maggie Rodkin

Nancy Schlack

Michelle Schlack, in memory of Ethel Ganbarg

Dr. & Mrs. Charles Schutz

Esther Joy Schwartz

Renee Schwartz

Steven Schwartzman and Nancy Plax

The Sephardic Foundation

Renetta Shapiro

Inge Shuman, in memory of Ruth Raab

Barry & Andrea Sidorow, in memory of Marilyn and Mitch Sklar

Harriet Siegel

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Silbert

David Sperling

Stephanie Taiber, in memory of Ethel Ganbarg

Phyllis Toback, in memory of Gary Toback

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Vender