Celebrating September Donors 2022 - The Selfhelp Home

Celebrating our September Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals, families and organizations who provided financial support for The Selfhelp Home during the month of September. We are deeply grateful for each of you and your generosity.


Jack Bierig

Alice Cannon

Arnold Davis

Stanley Dreyfuss

Martha Fourt, In Memory of Nadine Fourt

Peggy Gelman, In Memory of Harry and Bettye Gelman

Phyllis Goldstein, In Honor of Sheila Bogen

Suzanne Griffel

Nathaniel Hartmann

Austin Hirsch

Susan Johnson

Raphael Juss, Holiday Flowers for Resident Apartments

Anna Kahn, In Honor of Sheila and All the Staff

Richard and Linnea Levy, In Memory of Norbert Samuelson

John and Jean O’Leary, In Memory of Ruth Raab

Bernard Pritzker, In Honor of Gloria Gutman

Marilyn Propp

Martin Rosenberg, In Memory of Libby Isaac

Nancy Schlack, In Memory of Ethel and Lou Ganbarg and William Ganbarg