Concert: Charles N. Billington, Piano

January 22, 2020 @ 3:30 pm
 Howard & Marillyn Weiss Concert Series

Charles Billington - The Selfhelp HomeCharles began piano studies at age seven, with significant recognition of his playing occurring three years later. He studied piano at North Park Academy, Northwestern, St. Olaf College, and the American Conservatory of Music. His teachers included Esther Kittlesby, Harold Reever, Gui Mombaerts, Gail Quillman, and Ramon Salvatore. Charles strives to tailor his recitals to the specific audience and often discusses the compositions so that the listener can gain a deeper understanding of his performance. He is comfortable playing in a variety of circumstances and welcomes your inquiries about how to plan a classical piano recital at your venue.

 Howard & Marillyn Weiss Concert Series - The Selfhelp Home