Concert: Joyce Walker Band

Concert: Joyce Walker Band - The Selfhelp HomeJoyce Renee Walker was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in Magnolia, Arkansas. By the age of 5 years old, Joyce began taking formal piano lessons and by the age of 10 years old, Joyce was playing for church choirs and programs held in the school and community before her feet could even reach the piano pedals.

It was in Chicago that Joyce further explored her musical interests and met a multitude of other musicians (one being her husband and band mate percussionist Kenneth Walker) in which she shared her affinity for music. Being a professional trained musician, Joyce is a lover of various music genres such as gospel, jazz, rhythm & blues and classical. These genres have had an impact on her unique music style and have made her become a multi-talented singer, musician, songwriter and music arranger. Joyce played classical music before she played any other style and loves to perform to audiences of all ages and cultures.

Joyce Renee has pursued her passion on a higher scale because her goal is to share her music with the world. Over the last several years, she has performed at the Chicago Music Awards Summer Festivals and was nominated twice in the Best Band category, and just to name a few has performed over 80 times in past two years at Mariano’s Stores, Skokie Public Library, The Merion Senior Suites, The Breakers on Sheridan, City of Chicago Mayor’s Night Out Program and for Loyola University Community Affairs Association. She now desires to share her talent with wider audiences at corporate, private parties, fundraisers and at larger venues.