Yoga with Kareena

January 20, 2020 @ 3:30 pm

(This activity has been temporarily put on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions until further notice)


Stretch and gentle exercise to help promote mindful living with Kareena!

Kareena Beckman Bio

Kareena Beckman is presently director of Sweet Magic Studio where she teaches weekly yoga classes and workshops. Prior to opening her studio Kareena taught yoga at the Chicago Park District, Horwich JCC, Lincolnwood Retirement Community and Chicago Board of Trade. At The Selfhelp Home, Kareena guides seniors thru dynamic micro movements that increase circulation and improve joint mobility. Hands, feet, knees and hips are given special attention to help prevent arthritis. Set to lively rhythms the classes are fun and promote positivity and self-esteem. Kareena is also a published author.


You can learn more about Kareena techniques thru her articles in Yoga Chicago magazine: