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Meet Our Team Member: Dwyana Moore

Dwyana Focuses on Hospitality to Elevate the Patient Experience at Selfhelp
Dwyana Moore has been a key member of the The Selfhelp Home team for 4.5 years and counting! Dwyana is in charge of the patient experience in our Short-Term Rehab unit, a new position created a few years ago to ensure our short-term patients and families feel welcome and have a comfortable stay. These are all central to helping people get well.
You can find her at the concierge station on the 6th floor providing a warm, friendly welcome for new admissions at our Health and Rehabilitation Center. Dwyana enjoys meeting new patients and learning about what makes them unique. Her journey with The Selfhelp Home actually started at the front desk in the lobby! Learn more about Dwyana and her experience here…

Q: How did you start working at Selfhelp?

A: I have a friend – who is more like a sister – that worked here and she recommended it. She was running the front desk at the time and she needed more employees. Back then, I was working as a PRN at Weiss Hospital. I was ready to try something new, so I started working the front desk with her.

Q:  Walk us through your career journey at Selfhelp, where you started to where you are now…

A: I started at Selfhelp working at the front desk in the lobby for a year. Our Executive Director, Sheila Bogen, had a guest that came to our home from another facility that had a pleasant experience with me. Sheila told me, “You know…you’re really good at what you’re doing down here. Have you ever thought about working in the concierge area?” I hadn’t given it much thought prior to this, but she talked to another team member who then shadowed me for a while longer. It wasn’t long afterwards that Sheila called me to her office and offered me the concierge position. I can’t believe that was 3 years ago!

Q: What is your favorite part about working here?

A: I get to meet new people every time there’s a new admission on the 6th floor! We all greet them, introduce ourselves, and give them a nice gift. I enjoy talking to new patients and discovering their likes and dislikes. It’s always interesting to learn about their backgrounds and interests. Our team is kind of like the welcoming committee around here.

Q: It’s clear that you and your team put a lot of effort into making each patient feel connected and welcome. In previous interviews with Tiunca and Aaron, they both shared the many ways the 6th floor staff goes above and beyond. How do you personally go about accomplishing that?

A: I think it’s natural for all of us to be that way. Our goal is to set The Selfhelp Home apart from other senior care facilities. Therapies are largely the same wherever you go, but it’s the people going the extra mile that makes all the difference. Personally, I do my best to provide an upbeat environment and positive energy. If one of us is not feeling it that day, we can instantly tell and we try to be there for each other. It not only makes it a great work environment for the team, but also creates a positive healing environment for our patients.

Q: Did you grow up around here?

A: No, I grew up on the Southside actually. In Englewood. I recently moved to East Chicago and just bought a house!

Q: Share a fun fact about yourself…

A: I am a severe introvert, so I don’t even understand how I’m even in this position. But, at the same time, I have to get out of that and put myself out there. On the side, I sell jewelry and you can’t be an introvert to own a business because you have to constantly put yourself out there and make sales. I have to make videos and post on social media all the time. It’s kind of hard, but I’m getting there!

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