Meet Resident Donald Davidson

Contributed by Beverly Frank- [email protected]

Donald is 80 years young and embraces each day with contagious optimism and an unquenchable passion for life.  He grew up on Chicago’s south side (82nd and Luella Avenue), attended Horace Mann grammar school and graduated as South Shore High School’s esteemed Valedictorian.  He credits his Russian-born father (Minsk) for his uncanny sense of humor, love of the arts and positive attitude.  He graduated from the University of Michigan with a Masters in Chemical Engineering.  He was inspired by the challenging world of computers and became the Director of the Computer Technology Department at Universal Oil Products in Des Plaines, IL.  His successful 42- year career was rich with milestones and achievements.  Donald has enjoyed traveling the globe and maximized his free time to explore and develop his artistic talents.  He planned ahead and retired at the age of 65.

“Live for the moment and let the past go.”

Donald has a warm, extroverted personality and seeks the company of upbeat, bright, engaging and positive individuals.  He has developed many diverse interests and continues pursuing them with abandon.  His favorite hobbies are music, dancing and great books.  He discovered the world of folk dancing as a young man and became an active, involved participant.  After mastering the basics, he shared his skills and became a popular folk dancing instructor.  He’s particularly drawn to Eastern European music.  His CD collection is eclectic and showcases a variety of genres including Klezmer, Gypsy, Bulgarian, Yugoslavian, Jazz and more.  His social life has always been active and folk dancing became his favorite place for meeting and networking with fascinating people.  Reading a variety of great books has always been second nature to Donald.  He’s an avid reader and is in the process of compiling his updated book collection.  It includes a variety of rare collector’s items and numbers approximately 40,000 volumes.

Donald was introduced to the Selfhelp Home in 2012.  His beloved, late wife, Rita, was a patient in the rehabilitation program.  He was impressed with the unique history, compassionate staff and unsurpassed high quality standards.  When management inquired if he would consider moving into the Selfhelp Home, his immediate response was, “I simply wouldn’t consider living anyplace else!”

 Donald is an extremely positive, forward thinking individual.  He’s involved in various activities and is a loyal fan of the Sunday afternoon concerts and current event discussions.  He enjoys schmoozing and engaging in all kinds of conversations with his growing circle of friends.  Donald is close to his younger siblings and is very involved in the lives of his three children and grandchildren.  Donald strives to live each day with humor, joy and always sees the glass as more than half full. 

“Everything that has happened to me in my life has been a learning experience.”  Donald doesn’t dwell on past mistakes and concludes:  “I’ve lived a full life and have absolutely zero regrets.  I’m looking forward to each day of my new chapter.”

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