Music Therapy Matching Grant


Introducing the Friedmann/Tuber/Hirsch Matching Grant Challenge

In October of 2021, The Friedmann/Tuber Program for Cognitive Therapies was launched to provide Music Therapy services for those with dementia at The Selfhelp Home. Since that time, the program has expanded to include residents who do not have a specific dementia diagnosis but have other needs, such as those on our short-term rehab floor and those in assisted and independent living coping with loss. The Friedmann/Tuber Program for Cognitive Therapies has grown to provide more than double the number of individual sessions.

In order to expand Music Therapy to all residents of The Selfhelp Home, a $30,000 matching grant challenge is being offered between August and October, 2023. Any donation of any size designated for Music Therapy and received by Selfhelp by October 31, 2023, will qualify for the matching grant, up to $30,000 in total donations. This generous and inspiring matching grant is courtesy of Phil Friedmann and Craig Tuber, who provided the original seed capital that started Selfhelp’s Music Therapy program, in addition to Selfhelp President Austin Hirsch. We could not be more grateful to these amazing gentlemen for their partnership and vision.

Current services to be expanded to all residents with the support of the Friedmann/Tuber/Hirsch Matching Grant Challenge include:

  • Individual Music Therapy
  • Group Music Therapy:
    • Assisted and Independent Living Therapy Groups
    • Assisted and Independent Living Wellness Groups
    • Assisted and Independent Living Support Groups
    • Music Therapy/Rehab Therapy Co-Treatment Groups
    • Skilled Nursing Music Therapy Wellness Groups

To learn more about the Friedmann/Tuber Program for Cognitive Therapies, including a video and photos of Music Therapy in action, visit our website at: https://selfhelphome.org/music-therapy/

To make a donation to the Friedmann/Tuber Program for Cognitive Therapies, follow the instructions below. Every dollar matched up to $30,000 collectively!

Donate Online Below:

To make a gift by check, please mail to:

The Selfhelp Home
Music Therapy Matching Grant
908 W. Argyle
Chicago, IL 60640
Attention: Beth Ida Stern

Federal Tax ID #36-2210002

To make a gift of stocks/securities

Appreciated securities are perhaps the most cost-effective assets to use in making a gift. When you transfer ownership of long-term holdings to The Selfhelp Home, you receive a charitable deduction for their full market value — and you incur no capital gains tax (subject to IRS deduction limits). According to IRS regulations, the date of your gift corresponds to the date we receive the transfer.

Please alert us in advance about the stock and number of shares you plan to give. You can do so by e-mailing [email protected]. If you need to speak to someone 24/7, you can call SCHWAB ALLIANCE @ 800-515-2157 (24/7) with any questions.

Below is the information you will need to transfer stock to The Selfhelp Home.

Account Name: Selfhelp Foundation
Account Number: 5681-6783

DTC Number: 0164

Tax ID Number: 36-4038810
Trailer: Donors Name and Zip Code

For more information regarding other planned gifts, contact us at [email protected].

Selfhelp is grateful to our generous donors who have supported
our leading-edge Music Therapy program:

Karen Woollen
Charles and MR Shapiro Foundation
Albert and Lucille Delighter and Marcella Winston Foundation
Albert and Terri D’Ancona
Samuel Dorevitch
Joni Schaum
Franklin Nussbaum
Walter and Karla Goldschmidt Foundation
Harry and Ann Oppenheimer
Ira Goodkin
Lawrence Field
Marc and Cori Hork
Linda Kinzelberg
Adrienne Glazov
Jo Reizner and Jim Gimpel
Dia and Edward Weil
Martha Fourt
James Swartchild
Barbara Schaffer
Janice Rockin
Ron and Carla Weil
Lois and Steve Eisen
Stephen Nechtow
Arthur Elstein
Sharon Mainzer Koenig
Phil Friedmann
Craig Tuber
Austin and Beth Gomberg Hirsch