Admissions During COVID-19

The safest place for our residents is right here.

Keeping our residents safe and maintaining a positive environment is our top priority. At Selfhelp, residents receive the care they need from staff they trust in a warm and welcoming community.

“I’m truly grateful that my mother is thriving as she is surrounded by loving, caring and devoted staff members. Selfhelp goes above and beyond to keep the families informed and the residents happy and healthy.”

SUZANNE H., resident family member

Admissions During COVID-19 Pandemic - The Selfhelp Home Chicago

Additional Changes at The Selfhelp Home

What To Know When Moving In During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Independent Living & Assisted Living

Although our process looks different, at Selfhelp we remain committed to working with families to make the transition of moving easy for new residents. Keeping our residents safe from COVID-19 and maintaining a positive and healthy environment is our top priority. We are following guidelines from the CDC, The Illinois Department of Public Health and The Chicago Department of Public Health and closely monitoring changes to the guidelines.

Virtual Tours
Residents and their families can view their apartment and the community through a virtual tour. Click here to take the virtual tour.

Health Assessments
Before moving in, residents will undergo a virtual health assessment by our Nursing team.

COVID-19 Test
Before moving in, residents (and caregiver if needed) must have a COVID-19 test 3 days prior to the move in date.

The First 14 Days
During the first 14 days at Selfhelp, residents will undergo a precautionary isolation period.

Private Caregiver
During the first 14 days, residents that require assistance should hire a private caregiver for no less than 8 hours and up to 24 hours a day. The need for a caregiver may be determined during the virtual health assessment. Private caregivers must also have a COVID-19 test 3 days prior to the move-in date. Private caregivers must be properly registered with The Selfhelp Home.

Semi-Furnished Apartment
For the time being, Selfhelp will provide new residents with a semi-furnished apartment. Under the current conditions, we are restricted and may not allow movers into the building. Therefore, we encourage new residents to bring a limited amount of personal items. A television and television stand should be provided by the resident. Selfhelp staff will bring your belongings into the building, and assist with unpacking.

Life At The Selfhelp Home During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Life at Selfhelp looks a bit different than what we’re used to. Selfhelp is taking every precaution to stop the spread of COVID-19 while maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle. We are following guidelines from the CDC, The Illinois Department of Public Health and The Chicago Department of Public Health and closely monitoring changes to the guidelines.

Safety First
At Selfhelp everyone is required to wear a mask while in the building. Residents are not required to wear a mask inside their own apartment. Staff that are entering an apartment will be wearing a mask, shield and gloves if necessary.

COVID-19 testing at Selfhelp is conducted regularly for both residents and staff as well as private caregivers and privileged practitioners that have tested negative in the past. The frequency of testing may change, but may be as frequently as once a week.

Outdoor Visits | Chicago is currently under Tier 3 Mitigation that temporarily prohibits outdoor visits
Outdoor visits will be accommodated by appointment only with a maximum of two visitors at a time, in the front of the building. Visitors will have an on-site screening as well as a screening by phone 24 hours in advance of the visit. Specific guidelines and rules apply. Please see the Outdoor Visit Guidelines for more information on scheduling visits.

During this pandemic, we have moved to in-room dining. Resident meals and snacks are delivered directly to resident apartments by friendly staff. Once restrictions are lifted, communal dining may resume in a modified capacity.

Physical Distancing
Although we encourage socializing we are doing so with physical distancing in place. Furniture in the common areas has been arranged to ensure we maintain proper distance from each other.

Cleaning /Sanitizing
Our environmental team cleans the common areas of the home at least 3 times a day. Selfhelp has also invested in an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer to ensure we are keeping the Home clean and safe.

Residents that test positive for COVID -19 may be moved to a designated area in the home to be cared for or will be quarantined in their apartment. Residents may also be transferred to the hospital for further treatment.

Wellness Checks
Our nursing team is monitoring every resident twice a day for symptoms and checking temperature, pulse oxygen levels. Staff also have symptom and temperature checks twice a day.

“Selfhelp Live” is our internal television channel where we broadcast content we choose. Regularly scheduled programming includes morning exercise, films, Friday night Shabbat services and some homemade content including video messages from families. Group activities are taking place via zoom from resident rooms such as film review and other lectures.

Jewish Life
Selfhelp is committed to celebrating and observing the Jewish holidays, while maintaining physical distancing. Kabbalat Shabbat Friday’s keep us connected as we bring the Shabbat traditions to the resident’s door.

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