Meet Our Team of Senior Care Professionals

The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Sheila Bogen

Sheila Bogen

Executive Director

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“The Selfhelp Home embodies our rich Jewish traditions while creating a safe, caring and warm living environment for our seniors.”
The Selfhelp Home - Staff - Our Team - Steven Levy

Steven E. Levy, CPA

Chief Financial Officer

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“I’m excited about my work and adding value to this organization, as well as meeting new people & gaining insight into their interests. Going to work at Selfhelp and seeing the residents each day truly makes the work more meaningful than in my previous job working in a management office setting.”
The Selfhelp Home - Meet Our Team - Sofia Metovic - Dietary Manager

Sofia Metovic, CDM, CFPP

Director of Dietary Services

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“This is a home away from home for me. I feel that I am a part of something where I can make a difference!”
The Selfhelp Home - Meet Our Team - Fern Shaffer - Program Director

Fern Shaffer

Program Director

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“This home embraces an atmosphere for lifelong learning; I’m looking for the highest caliber of cultural programming for our residents.”
The Selfhelp Home - Meet Our Team - Carmen Boss - Activities Director Skilled Nursing

Carmen Boss

Activities Director Skilled Nursing

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“Over the years, the residents have helped me grow as a person, and I have learned so much about life through them.”
The Selfhelp Home - Meet Our Team - Efrat Dallal Stein - Director of Marketing & Public Affairs

Efrat Dallal

Chief Marketing Officer

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“I love what I’m doing here. The greatest joy for me is forming friendships with the residents. The feeling of community is very present!”
The Selfhelp Home - Sharon Mikel - Chief People Person

Sharon Mikell

Chief People Person

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“Everyone at Selfhelp is always genuinely caring and that’s what makes SHH different from other homes.”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Jonathan Schwartz

Jonathan Schwartz

Director of Jewish Life

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“I love learning with and from our residents. Each resident brings a unique Jewish history and identity with them, and together, with kindness, open minds and mutual respect, we have created a nurturing, pluralistic Jewish community devoted to study, prayer and Jewish culture.” – Jonathan
“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” – Albert Einstein
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Liza Steinfeld

Liza Steinfeld, LNHA, LCSW

Healthcare Administrator

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“I feel an emotional connection with The Selfhelp Home. My goal is to work towards making Selfhelp the best facility possible for all its residents”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Laura Zelhoffer

Laura Zellhofer

Retirement Counselor

The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Joy Jarder

Joy Jarder, RN

Care Plan Coordinator/MDS Coordinator

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“I love it here, it is like my second family. I truly enjoy taking care of the patients. It makes me happy to see the patients being taken care of and making sure their needs are met.”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Pio Chuanico

Pio Chuanico, RN

Nurse Supervisor

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“My favorite part of the job is compassion. I love taking care of our residents because my parents live far away, so the residents are my substitute parents.”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Raclyn Cauinian

Anne Marie “Raclyn” Cauinian, RN

Director of Nursing

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I’m very fortunate to be part of The Selfhelp Home. I’m very proud of the excellent care that we give the residents, plus the compassionate and hardworking staff, which sets us apart from other facilities. My goal is to help improve The Selfhelp Home so that we can continue to provide the highest quality of care to our residents.
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Dr. Logan Knox

Dr. Logan Hubbard Knox, DPT

Director of Rehabilitation, Healthpro Heritage

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“What I enjoy most about Selfhelp is the shared commitment to always provide the highest quality of care to our patients, and the ongoing collaboration with the interdisciplinary teams.”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Elizabeth Sanchez

Elizabeth Sanchez

Director of Healthcare Admissions

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“Everything happens for a reason. To feel truly accomplished, you must love what you do. The opportunity to work at The Selfhelp Home has been the best decision I’ve made professionally. I immediately felt a connection to The Selfhelp Home. I felt the team’s compassion and dedication to ensuring the high quality of care. Our team always goes the extra mile for guests and residents.”
The Selfhelp Home - Staff - Kim Romain

Kim Romain

Development Director

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“I am honored to be able to serve such an amazing community in this special way. The caring, kindness, and compassion shared by both the residents and staff is truly palpable.”
The Selfhelp Home - Our Team - Arielle Lewis

Arielle Lewis

Director of Resident Services and Community Outreach

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“It is a privilege to work with the residents at Selfhelp. I am passionate about our strong traditions, meaningful mission and warm community life.”
The Selfhelp Home - Staff - Ivory Rodriguez - Director of Assisted Living

Ivory Rodriguez, LPN

Director of Assisted Living

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“The Selfhelp Home has always been a second home to me. The Residents and staff are like my family. This is probably why I have continued to pursue my career at Selfhelp, I’ve grown so much both personally and professionally and look forward to continuing to grow here”