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Become a Mitzvah Mensch at The Selfhelp Home!

A meaningful mitzvah project can be the highlight of the special milestone of becoming a bar/bat mitzvah. Learn about yourself while making a difference in somebody’s life. There are many ways to connect with The Selfhelp Home through Tikkun Olam (helping to repair the world).
Becoming a Mitzvah Mensch looks different for each mensch, depending on your interests and goals.
Here are just a few suggestions, we are always open to your creative ideas!

Do you enjoy music, playing an instrument, or singing? Put your talents to work and put on a concert for residents. Show your talents, incorporate friends and family as well.

Craft projects for residents are always appreciated! A few examples: making jewelry for residents, special keepsakes, paintings or holiday themed crafts during Purim, Sukkot or Chanukah – just to name a few! Gather a group together to join you in your project.

Interview a resident that can talk to you about their life experience during the Holocaust. Make a documented video or visual project out of your discussions to help educate others or share the story with your synagogue. What lessons can you learn from their strength and resilience? Selfhelp is home to a number of survivors, availability will depend on our population.

Raise money for our Survivor Fund. The funds go directly to support Holocaust survivors that live at The Selfhelp home. You can run a Go Fund Me event, hold a car wash or bake sale to raise the funds, sell bath bombs…the choice is yours!

Create your own Mitzvah project! Express yourself with your own creativity to create a meaningful project.

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