Meet one of our Mitzvah Mensches: Frances Bohrman

Frances Bohrman, Mitzvah Mensch

The Selfhelp Home is fortunate to serve as the base for an award-winning intergenerational volunteer program, Mitzvah Mensches. Teenaged volunteers craft their own opportunities to enrich the lives of our residents by sharing conversations, crafts, games, and more. One of our recent Mitzvah Mensches started coming to Selfhelp after her grandmother Evie moved into assisted living in 2023.

Frances Bohrman celebrated her Bat Mitzvah this April, and spending time at Selfhelp was an integral part of her Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) journey to Jewish adulthood. Frances served as a friendly face for our Sunday concerts, making sure residents were comfortable before and during the program.

Frances wanted to come to Selfhelp because it was the perfect combination of her love of music and familiar faces. Serving as a friendly face at concerts is in tune with her passion for musical theater and participation in Uniting Voices Chicago and Infinity Arts Academy in Chicago. Volunteering at Selfhelp was a great way to meet new people while also serving the community.

“What is so remarkable about Frances is that she treats everyone with such respect. She recognizes the divine spark in everyone she meets,” Cantor Michelle Drucker Friedman of Emanuel Congregation said about Frances. “Imagine how differently we would treat each other if we followed her lead and acknowledged each other’s Godliness. It could change the world.”

Frances also brought her grandmother to various holiday programs, including our Hanukkah game night and Purim party.

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