Celebrating Our June 2024 Donors

We are grateful for our community’s support!
Thank you to the following individuals, families and organizations who donated to The Selfhelp Home during June of 2024.
We appreciate your generosity…
Abt Electronics
Elizabeth Ballis, In memory of Doris Dallow
Helaine Billings
Jan Cohen
Donald Davidson
Judy and Gerry Farby
Martha Glickman (z”l)
Rosalie and Paul Greenberger
Saul Weiner and Suzanne Griffel
Halloran Masonry Inc.
Bruni Hirsch, In honor of Austin Hirsch
Herbert and Bonnie Horn
Judith Kolb
Kenneth and Shelly Levine, In memory of Helene Levine
Steve and Lisa Levy
Rod and Tracy Loewenthal
Larry and Donna Mayer, In memory of Blanche Pollack
Sofia and Yusuf Metovic
Stephen and Mindy Miller
Marianne and Tom Moberly
Janice Moore
Judith Parker
Kimberly and Corey Perman, In honor of Martha and Steve Loewenthal
Ilana and Marc Platt, In honor of Sara Cooper’s (Fanny Cooper’s granddaughter) graduation from medical school
Carl Rosen
Paul and Linda Saiger
Peter Knippel and Tom Samolinski
Trude Schnitzer, In memory of Arthur and Else Schnitzer
Ron Spitz, In memory of Shirley Fisher
John Stoken
Ellen Stone
Suzanne and Earl Strassberger
Mark Tausig
Alison Toback, In honor of Phyllis Toback
Phyllis Toback
Susan Kaplan and Marc Toch, In honor of Susan Kaplanís love of Evelyn Toch
Madeline Weil, In memory of Rolf and Leni Weil
Ronald and Carla Weil, In memory of Rolf and Leni Weil
Elizabeth Wolf
Cynthia Wotkun, In memory of Doris Dallow