Celebrating our July Donors - The Selfhelp Home

Celebrating our July Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals, families and organizations who provided financial support for The Selfhelp Home during the month of July. We are deeply grateful for each of you and your generosity.


Andrea and Barry Sidorow, In Memory of Marilyn Sklar

Carl Nahm

Deborah Spector, In Memory of Nolan Berman and In Honor of Dr. Mark Amdur

John F. Hartray, Jr.

James Gimpel

James Synchef, In Memory of Patricia Smith

Laura Carl, In Honor of the Sixth Floor Rehab Team

Mr. and Mrs. Gary Lindon

Rosalie Grundland Isaacson

Stanley Dreyfuss

The Albert & Lucille Delighter and Marcella Winston Foundation

Walter & Karla Goldschmidt Foundation