Rehab Rock Star: Julie’s Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

Rehab Rock Star: Julie’s Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

This Disney Fan Makes Recovery to Ride Roller Coasters Again

Julie M. is a rehab patient at The Health and Rehabilitation Center at The Selfhelp Home. She lives an active life running a five acre farm in Texas with her husband. Everyday, she cares for 15 ducks, 36 hens, 2 roosters, 4 dogs, and many more animals that rely on her. Julie has always been a huge Disney fan and enjoyed the rides, but life as she knew it changed when she tore her meniscus years ago.

She initially had her knee scoped for the injury and experienced further complications from that procedure, making her knee stiffen up even more. This resulted in a debilitating condition called arthrofibrosis, in which a buildup of scar tissue prevents normal knee motion. Julie has spent many years trying to fix her knee so she can enjoy life to the fullest again. She remembers, “Doctors had given up on me. I remember thinking, I’m 52 years old, crippled, and I don’t know what to do.”

Through a Facebook group filled with people also suffering from the same condition, Julie was excited to discover that real progress was possible with treatment from Dr. Henry Finn at Weiss Hospital in Chicago, IL. Dr. Finn is a renowned Orthopedic specialist. He is one of the few doctors in the United States capable of successfully operating on arthrofibrosis patients.

Julie knew what she needed to do. She made the trip from Texas to Illinois for the arthrofibrosis procedure. Then, she turned to The Selfhelp Home for her Orthopedic recovery and physical therapy post-surgery. She continues to express enthusiasm and hope on her path to recovery.

Julie works with Selfhelp’s physical therapists and occupational therapists everyday to build strength and flexibility in her knee again. Julie is enjoying her stay at The Selfhelp Home:

“I would highly recommend The Selfhelp Home for anyone needing recovery after a surgery like mine. Every person that I’ve met here has gone above and beyond to be sweet, helpful and nice.”

One of Julie’s recovery goals is to be able to return to Disney World and go on her favorite rides: “There are rides at Disney World that I couldn’t ride anymore because I couldn’t bend my leg to get in the ride. Even simple rides like “It’s a Small World”. I’d have to throw my leg over my husband’s leg and it just would not bend enough to get in the ride. I missed out on being able to hold my grandkids. I couldn’t hold them and stand from a sitting position, or use stairs. We’re working on all of that now.”

During her time here at Selfhelp, Julie has not only regained a positive outlook on her recovery and post-surgery life, but has also made several close friends at the home.

“​​I’m very excited about my future. I’m very positive. I know this is the answer to my prayers.”

This Disney fan can’t wait to be mobile again. As her knee heals, Julie looks forward to easily using the stairs again, celebrating her recovery on Disney World rides with her family, and tending to her farm back home.

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Way to go Julie!

Rehab Rock Star: Julie’s Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

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