Selfhelp Staffers Making a Difference: Meet Kim Dudasik

Contributed by Beth Gomberg-Hirsch: [email protected]

Meet Kim Dudasik, Activity Team Member

Kim is the newest member of the activities team and has been a member of the Selfhelp family for the past 5 years. Kim works  for the Rehabilitation floor, and the Long Term Care Floors at Selfhelp.  She was encouraged to apply for the job by a friend who was related to Nerma Lamier, Director of Nursing.  Kim grew up helping handicapped relatives, loved to babysit, and used to volunteer in an institution with mentally handicapped adults.

Kim feels obligated to fill her daily eight hour shift effectively and efficiently, and considers a day well spent if all the residents are satisfied and safe.  Every day is a new adventure and every day creates a new memory for her.  Kim is grateful to be part of a well working team and feels very supported.  She loves working at a place where she can show her goofy and “corny” side and be silly to make people laugh.

Her goal is to make people smile.  Kim loves to sing and dance, and it’s a pleasure to watch her during musical experiences where she really comes to life. She treats the residents as if they were her own grandparents by freely giving them hugs and kisses and joking with them comfortably. She says it is her goal to make the residents feel secure and happy at the Home, and to insure that Selfhelp feels like it is indeed their home. She wants everyone to know that it is okay to live at Selfhelp and that people care about you there, and will love you like they love their own grandparent. She wants everyone’s stay at Selfhelp to be enjoyable as she tries to infect residents with her great attitude.

Kim has learned how to deal with death, and has accepted that as part of the job, although she says it’s a tough lesson to learn.  Kim loves to bake, and to travel.  She loves a good adventure and will try anything once.  She even loves to cliff dive.  She describes herself as a bit of a daredevil and likes to push herself to overcome fear.

Kim views life at Selfhelp as a place to create a memory for each day, and that “each day is a new journey.”  We are so lucky to be the object of Kim’s enthusiasm.

A series of stories by Beth Gomberg-Hirsch, contributing writer.

Beth Gomberg Hirsch spends a lot of time visiting her mom, Helene, a resident of The Selfhelp Home. Behind-the-scenes, Beth sees the great work of the staff, some of whom may not be as visible to the public but make a tremendous difference in the lives of the residents.  They are, Beth says, “the special sauce” that makes Selfhelp unique.

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