The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home

The Quarantine Chronicles: A Word From Our Residents

A collective of poems and thoughts from the residents of The Selfhelp Home.

The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“I am grateful that I live at Selfhelp. We are surrounded by caring responsive staff who bend over backwards to help us! I am truly grateful to my wonderful loving family who encouraged me to use Zoom so I can be part of their Shabbat celebrations and Seder.”
– Esther K.
“I am grateful for the people in this community of ours. First and foremost are the aides – they work tirelessly and are kind, gentle and friendly. Naturally, I miss the social interactions with the friends I have made here – especially my meal tablemates. Nothing at present can replace them.
I also miss the weekend dinners I ate out with my family, but we keep contact even more so these days.
Lastly, I miss the activities – especially those which were brain stimulating such as News & Views, Movie Reviews, Memory Games and Ted Talks. They will come back! I have enough books and music to keep my brain from going stale. It has kept me from being bored. Stay the course!”
– Donald D.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“Thank you Selfhelp for everything you do for me and for all of the other residents here at Selfhelp. This is truly a caring place. Modern technology has been a source of much frustration for me. I fear being controlled by it. But now in this Corona era I appreciate “the cloud” that has connected me to my near and far family.
I appreciate all the Selfhelp people that have taken me by the hand and enabled me to finally enter the twenty-first century. It’s amazing. Sei gesundt everyone.”
– Malka G.
“I’m grateful for your kind and helpful staff and I am thankful that you are so very creative. It is truly great that I can see my daughter Suzanne and chat with her through the glass door. Most of all, grateful that Suzanne researched and decided Selfhelp was the best place which it seemingly is that we decided that I should move to The Selfhelp Home. I always feel that I am in a Hilton Hotel room. Thanks to Hashem.”
– Vera H.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
Social Distancing Poem
By Jordan M.
“Social Distancing,
Though it has the cadence of the dance,
Is hardly conducive and makes it elusive
To your and my Romance;
Social Distancing,
A prevention, not a cure,
keeps us apart to preserve us,
so that our love will one day endure;
I know it seems a paradox
Like wearing two unmatching socks
Or using chopsticks to eat lox
Or watching fish taking walks;
Social Distancing,
How we can survive,
To touch and love and kiss again,
To keep our love alive?”
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“I am most grateful these days for being wonderfully taken care of by the outstanding staff (crew) here at The Selfhelp Home 24/7. I feel protected and safe in my apartment (cabin), I feel like I’m aboard a cruise ship. Everyone has bent over backward to meet my every need. I want to thank everyone of this crew for their unending concern and care. This building (ship) doesn’t move. I’m grateful for that because I get so sick when I’m on water. Bon Voyage!
May we all have a safe and sound landing. AKA Safe Harbor!”
– Sherri F.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“When thou we are confronted with most likely the most horrendous turn of events in our history, I still turn to God, our faith and our regard for our people, we will soon witness our disappearance and when that comes to pass we surely will know the unity the love the understanding that we have to feel for our fellow human.
We together can overcome any travesty, as long as we are together.”
– Mitch S.
“I miss the togetherness. Sitting at one table, let the chips fall where they may. I miss some of the classes. I really felt more complete when I spent time that way. I miss having a tablecloth and all. I think the chief hombres here are working to cover everything to protect us from the virus. They have done a lot.”
– Edith H.

In this picture, Edith is celebrating turning 101 with her family on Zoom!

The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“I’m grateful that my family and friends don’t catch the coronavirus. I’m grateful that I have a nice caregiver that takes good care of me every day. I miss my daughter visiting me every week and bringing me something that I needed. I miss all activities and program that scheduled everyday and I’m sad. I’m ok, fine and good, but I am scared of Coronavirus. I’m thankful that The Selfhelp Home sends us the food every meal, every day to our room for our safety. We are grateful that Selfhelp is protecting us from the coronavirus.”
– Sybelle H.
The Selfhelp Home Has Received Over 100 Letters From Strangers - The Selfhelp Home
“We are all in this together and couldn’t be together in a nicer, better place. A place where everyone is so caring and helpful and kind to us. I thank the entire staff from Sheila down. There can’t be a better place for seniors to live the latter years of their lives, so there isn’t much to miss here. My thanks to all.”
– Anna K.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“I’m so grateful for all the care and love from the staff. Friday nights and the Seder decorations in my apartment were fabulous. The videos of Shabbat greetings and seder were wonderful. I feel very safe and protected here. It feels like one long Shabbos. I’m enjoying the solitude and reading. I miss my dining room friends, the movies, concerts, lectures, group meditation, live exercise, the librarian, gift shop Donna, and the other staff that are away.”
– Phyllis T.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home
“I am grateful for all the people that come to work here every day. I am grateful for the way that the staff is trying so hard to keep us safe. I am grateful that staff tries to find new ways to keep us happy. I miss seeing my family members. I miss see seeing other residents. I miss giving out chocolates.”
– Bob C.
“I’m good. I try to be busy and use my time doing different things I like, painting and chatting with relatives from Argentina and my children here. I am enjoying the best gift the life gave me, my first great grandson. I wish this virus ends soon. I want to say thanks to the team at The Selfhelp Home for the excellent job they are doing.”
– Sara K.
The Word From Us... - The Selfhelp Home

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