With Gratitude for Our December Donors - The Selfhelp Home

With Gratitude for Our December Donors

As we say goodbye to the year 2020, we are deeply grateful for the following individuals and organizations who generously supported The Selfhelp Home during the month of December.

Marlene and Michael Aufrecht

Mark Bacharach

Christine and John Bakalar

Joan and Ralph Barbakoff

Raymond Bass

Marcia Baum

Myron Becker

Susan and Donald Belgrad

Sherwood and Helga Benson

Gloria Berkwits

Phillip and Alice Bishaf, In memory of Frank and Marion Mayer

Marge Blair

Nancy Bokor

Cynthia Chow Associates

Peter and Hedy Ciocci, In memory of Mildred Stern and Roz Heiman’s Sister

Sandra Cutler

Jane Davis, In memory of Dr. A Todd Davis

James and Lynn Denton

Lise Diamond Devine

Nina Diamond

Donald and Antje Draganski

Sara Drexler

Stanley Dreyfuss and Anita Shore

Missy Dropka, In memory of Rosalyn Spector

Marlene and Kevin Dunn

Richard Eggener

Aaron Eiger

Herbert Eiseman

Lore Eisenstaedt

Ruth Engel

Norman and Paula Eskoz

Judy Faitek

Michael Fein

Jan Feldman, In memory of Irv and Estelle Feldman

Ruth Fischer

Martha Fourt

Janis and David Francis, In memory of Werner Heimann

The Jerome Frankel Foundation

Daniel and Ronda Franks

Eugene and Rachel Frank

Gloria Friedman, In memory of Rose Mary Friedman

Madelon Fross

Harold and Susan Geisel, In memory of Werner Heimann

Peggy Sue Gelman, In memory of Harry and Bettye Gelman

Vern and Sheila Gideon

Jim Gimpel and Jo Reizner, In memory of Mildred Stern

Gail Golden

James and Marion Golding

Phyllis Goldstein, In memory of David Chavez’s father

Arnold Gombiner

William Green, In memory of Lillian Green

Daniel Greenberger

Jeffrey Greenberger

John Greenberger

Richard Greenthal and Joel Fink, In memory of Werner Heimann

Gerald and Ronia Gross

Peter Gutzmer

Joyce Guzman

Halloran Masonry

Beaty Harris, In memory of Leigh Rosenblum

Ilona Hartman

Pat and Marshall Hartman

Michael and Mrs. Karen Haugen Woollen

Arlene Hausman

Ernst and Roslyn Heimann, In memory of Werner Heimann

Sidney Heisler and Sarah Zamari

Rochelle Herbert

Austin Hirsch, In memory of Barbara Borovsky

Austin Hirsch and Beth Gomberg-Hirsch

Robert Hirsch

Ron and Sarah Hirsen

Philip Hoffman and Halina Brukner

Herb Horn

Herbert and Bonnie Horn

Rosalie Isaacson

Gale and Kenneth Jacoby

Ronald and Carol Jesselson

Walter Jonas

Rochelle Jones, In memory of Mildred Stern

Raphael Juss

Carole Kabel

Suzanne and James Kach

Larry Kane

Cathy and Brian Kase

Andrea Katz

Ralph and Diane Kaufmann

Ben and Lisa Kenter, In memory of Rosalyn Spector

Gerald Kohn

Arthur Kohn

Douglas Koltun, In memory of Henry and Judy Straus

Paul Kovac and Michelle Majka-Kovac

Howard and Glenda Kravitz

Howard Labow

Dr. Stuart and Patricia Lancer

Sally and Harvey Lapan

Jim and Andrea Leftwich

Marlene Levine, In memory of Dr. Leigh Rosenblum

Susan Levine, In memory of Harry and Juline Levine

Hazel Levinthal

Gerrie Lewin, In memory of Jeanne Strauss

Evan Lichtenberg

Zach and Erica Lindon

Martha and Steve Loewenthal

Henry Lorsch

Michael Lowenthal

Marsha Mackenzie

Bruce Manizer and Beth Shadur

Gabriel Mannheim and Andrea Platt, In memory of Wendy Gerlack

Ruth Markus

Judith Marohn

Rebecca Martin, In memory of Werner Heimann

Lotte Marx

Sidney and Rita Mathias

Donna and Larry Mayer

Gerard and Nicole Mayer

Lawrence McCarthy

Melinda Metzger

Charles and Sylvia Meyers

Terry Minnen, In memory of Selma Greengard

Alberto and Deborah Mizrahi

Betty and Todd Musburger

Edward and Susan Nadler

Stephen Nechtow

Franklin Nussbaum

Henry and Roberta Nussbaum

Herman and Jay Nussbaum

Gary and Lee Olson

Michael Perlstein, In memory of Barbara Borovsky and Shirley Perlstein

Kimberly Perman

Frances Peshkin

Fredell Pogodin

Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Pritzker

Wallace Rappe

Bek Rebich

John Reilly

Jo Reizner and Jim Gimpel

Lori Resnik

Andrea and Stuart Rich, In memory of Rosalyn Spector

Cecilie Ries

Ned Robertson

Henry Rosenbaum, In memory of Lore Rosenbaum and Lotte Heinrich

Joan Rossi, In memory of Edith Stern and her sister Marietta Raba

Nate Ruben

Pepi and Larry Rubin

Tom Samolinski, In memory of David Chavez’s father and Sofia Metovic’s mother-in-law

Nancy Schlack

Leo Schlosberg and Maralee Gordon

Susan Schloss, In memory of Walter Schloss, Ilse Schloss, Lucie Schloss, Siegried Schloss

Susan and Paul Schomer

Michael Schrimmer

Dr. Les Schroeder

Charles and Faye Schulz

Charles and Bea Schutz

Diane Schwab, In memory of Gertrude Metzger

Renee Schwartz

Esther Joy Schwartz

Nancy Plax and Steve Schwartzman

Bara Scotti, In memory of Paula Tritsch

Talia Seidner

Robert and Mary Shaffer

Sheila Shain

Rennie Shapiro

Ilene and Michael Shaw

Barbara Sholle

Robert Shuckman

Andrea and Barry Sidorow, In memory of Marilyn Sklar

Harriet Siegel, In memory of Dr. Howard and Marilyn Weiss

Michael and Teresa Silbert

Marc Simon, In memory of Stuart Simon

Alice Solomon

Dan Sondheim, In memory of Werner Heimann

David Sperling

Judith Stein

Steven and Carol Steinfeld

Les and Lisa Stern

Mark Stern

Eric Strauss, In memory of Erwin Strauss

James Synchef

Jerome and Gail Taxy

Robert Thall

Phyllis Tobak, In memory of Julius Solomon

Uri Toch, In memory of David Toch

Terri Treiman

Craig Tuber

Adriane and Scott Turow

Jeanette Uhlmann

Joyce Wandel

Howard and Imy Wax, In memory of Rosalyn Spector

Ronald Weil

Walter Weinberg

Harvey and Rita Weinberg

Bette Weisberg

Ira W. Weiss, In memory of Sylvia Weiss and Edith Stern

Celia Wilk

Frank Wise

David A Wisel

Jerry Wolf, In memory of Barbara Borovsky

Judith Wolf, In memory of Leigh Rosenblum and Fran Goldenberg

Sharon Wolf, In memory of Jenny Wolf

Herbert and Ellen Wolf

Elizabeth Wolf

David Wolinsky

Robert and Gloria Yufit Family Fund

Amelia Zagrocki

Carol and Jerrold Zar

Mark and Margie Zivin