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World Traveler Fanny C. Finds a Permanent Home at Selfhelp

Learn about resident Fanny C.’s world travels before she chose Selfhelp as her permanent home…
A Fascinating Life of Travel and Education

Selfhelp resident Fanny C. was born in a part of Romania (now known as Ukraine) in 1927. She lived there until 1944. When the Second World War began, she was fortunate enough to escape to Israel, which was a British protectorate at the time. Fanny was only 17 years old.

She lived in Israel for 8 years where she met and eventually married her husband, Ephraim. They welcomed their first child, Ilana. In 1952, Fanny and her family moved once again for another adventure! This time they relocated to Montreal, Canada where they spent the next 12 years and welcomed two sons. Their family settled there and went to school until they moved again in 1964 to Venezuela.

Their education continued in Venezuela as they found a more permanent living situation. Ephraim worked as a tool and dye designer while Fanny taught English as a second language to Venezuelan students part time. Venezuela was their home for 55 years. When Ephraim passed away in 2004, Fanny moved to Chicago to be closer to her daughter, Ilana, who was now married with children. In total, Fanny has 8 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren…that’s a lot of love!

Fanny and her daughter lovingly refer to themselves as gypsies. After living in so many different parts of the world, one of the most impressive things about Fanny is that she can speak multiple languages: “I speak Hebrew, German, Spanish, and Romanian. In Canada, I learned English and French as well…I can also read in Russian,” she shared.

World Traveler Fannie C Finds a home at Selfhelp - SH
Calling Selfhelp “Home Sweet Home”

After her husband’s death, Fanny moved into an apartment in Chicago with a housekeeper and things were going relatively well. She would split time between her home in Venezuela and her apartment in Chicago. Over time, it became more difficult for her to live alone. When she lost the ability to drive responsibly, clean the house, and make her own meals, she and her family decided it was time for her to move into Assisted Living at The Selfhelp Home. “We just knew that it was time for her to get extra help to replace the assistance she lost,” daughter Ilana explained.

“At first, I was in a nursing home in Evanston, but then we found The Selfhelp Home and discovered that it embraced the Jewish heritage. Right away I knew I wanted to be here,” said Fanny.

We asked Fanny about her experience living at The Selfhelp Home the past seven years. Here’s what she had to say:

“I like not being completely alone. Every day I sit down for meals with the same group. The aids are qualified and very pleasant. Even during the pandemic, people here were taken care of. There are very good policies in place for keeping visitors and residents safe. We’re all friends and we talk to each other.”
Enjoying an Active Life with Assisted Living

Fanny shares some of her favorite Selfhelp Home activities: “We have a book club! I love to put my books on the Kindle and read. On Sundays, I get two papers, the New York Times and the Chicago Times. I attend the ‘News and Views’ events and enjoy the Sunday concerts. I also participate in Word Games and Jeopardy. It helps me keep my mind active and stay social. Every morning, I exercise for about half an hour using the Selfhelp chair fitness workouts on TV.”

Ilana has been very supportive of her mother receiving care with Assisted Living at Selfhelp. She makes it a priority to visit her mom every week. They participate in fun activities together, and Ilana brings Fanny her favorite Chinese food for lunch together.

“We’ve had a very good experience here. The people here are very friendly, the staff goes out of their way to accommodate anything my mom needs, and I have such peace of mind knowing my mom is safe. I recommend The Selfhelp Home all the time,” said Ilana.

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