Common Questions About Assisted Living at The Selfhelp Home

Our Answers to the Top 10 Questions About Assisted Living at Selfhelp

Your Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions About Assisted Living at Selfhelp
Every day, families come to The Selfhelp Home in search of a safe place for their loved one to live. When it comes to Assisted Living, we’ve noticed many families ask the same questions. Here’s an FAQ list we’ve compiled to answer all of your questions in one place…

Q: Is The Selfhelp Home a buy in or entrance fee community?

A: Selfhelp asks for a one-time community fee of $3500 upon entrance. Residents are required to provide proof of assets to ensure they can afford to live at Selfhelp for several years. Selfhelp does not ask for large sums of money upfront. The entrance process consists of a financial and clinical review.

Q: What happens if my loved one’s care needs change?

A: Being a CCRC (Continuing Care Retirement Community) means we offer many levels of care to meet your loved one wherever they are at. For example, residents can move into Selfhelp as an Independent resident and later receive Assisted Living services while they remain in their apartment. There are different levels of care in Assisted Living ranging from medication management to assistance with dressing, bathing, cueing and more. When greater care needs arise, Selfhelp has a skilled nursing unit that offers a higher level of care than Assisted Living provides and around the clock nursing care.

Q: Is transportation service available at Selfhelp?

A: Selfhelp has a resident bus and offers transportation to local places such as doctors office visits, and stores. Residents also use the bus for our trips and activities.

Q: Does Medicare cover the cost of Independent Living or Assisted Living?

A: Independent and Assisted living is paid privately by the resident. There are cases where a person’s long term care insurance would cover some of the expenses of Assisted Living. Medicare does not cover the costs of Independent or Assisted Living.

Q: What services are offered?

A: Services and amenities include: Restaurant style dining, laundry, housekeeping, beauty salon, on-site outpatient therapy gym and wellness center with physician visits, daily exercise, daily activities and events, art studio, music therapy, Jewish culture, Friday night Shabbat services and observance of Jewish holidays. Selfhelp offers concierge services such as weekly grocery shopping.

Q: What Medical Care is available at Selfhelp?

A: Selfhelp has visiting primary care physicians that see residents in their apartments. Other medical professionals and services are also available onsite such as dentistry, podiatry, optometry, dermatology, physiatry, cardiology, pulmonology, and an onsite wound care physician.

Q: Will nurses be available if needed?

A: The Assisted Living unit is overseen by a Registered Nurse that is in the building 7 days a week. Personal Aides at Selfhelp are there to assist residents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q: Do you allow pets?

A: Selfhelp welcomes furry friends such as cats and small dogs.

Q: Do I sign a lease when I move?

A: A lease/contract is signed before moving in that requires a 30-day notice before moving out.

Q: How are you keeping residents safe from COVID-19?

A: Selfhelp requires all staff to be fully vaccinated. Residents and staff are tested for COVID-19 regularly. Selfhelp implements infection controls measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Selfhelp is committed to ensuring residents continue to lead a meaningful quality of life, provide timely communication to families, implement physical distancing when needed, as well as making sure our building is clean and sanitized and staff are wearing the proper PPE.

In a recent survey, 100% of Selfhelp residents said they feel safe living at The Selfhelp Home!

Q: Is Selfhelp Kosher?

A: Selfhelp, in the Jewish tradition, follows a kosher menu observing all the Kosher dietary laws and serving only Kosher food. However, Selfhelp is not a certified kosher establishment.

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