Gratitude for our February Donors - The Selfhelp Home

Gratitude for our February Donors

We couldn’t be more grateful for our community’s support! Thank you to the following individuals, families and organizations who donated to The Selfhelp Home during February 2023. We appreciate your generosity…


Donna and Larry Mayer

Ronnie Jo Sokol

Norman Levin

Suzanne Griffel

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago

Nancy Katz, In Memory of Michael Froman

Uri Toch, In Honor of Jonathan Schwartz

Halloran Masonry

Phillip Berger

Tina and David Herpe

Beth Ida Stern

Rod Lowenthal

Leonard and Joyce Schrager

Martha and Steve Loewenthal

Kimberly Perman

Suzanne Levy, In Honor of Emma Dubner

Joanne Schloss, In Memory of Johanna Strauss

Amy Lewitz

Maida Snapper, In Memory of Max Gimpel

Celia Wilk

Liza Steinfeld


Harriet Karmin

James and Beverly Flynn

Caryl and Steve Steinberg, In Memory of Charlene Lavin

Stanley Pollock

Walter S. Mander Foundation

Austin and Beth Gomberg Hirsch

Mark Schoenfield