Gratitude for our March Donors

We couldn’t be more grateful for our community’s support! Thank you to the following individuals, families and organizations who donated to The Selfhelp Home during March of 2023. We appreciate your generosity…


Jack Bierig

Leo Schlosberg

Michael Perlstein

Brad and Allison Schneider

Steve and Martha Loewenthal

Ethan Bensinger

Barbara Kaufmann, In Memory of Lorie Pelz

Suzanne Griffel

Achieve Accreditation, LLC

Peter and Hedy Ciocci, In Honor of the Lowenthal Group at UBS

Thomas Samolinski

Marion Golding

Alliant Insurance Services, Inc

Joan Sophie

Michael Perlstein, In Memory of Steven Rotfeld

Sylvia Gordon

Rose Gordon

Phyllis Jaffe

Raphael Juss

Jewish Federation of Metro Chicago

Steven Safran

Judity Fox

Seco Refrigeration

Harvey Weinberg

Elizabeth Wolf

Nancy Schlack, In Memory of Louis Ganbarg

Halloran Masonry

Stuart Channon

Jewish Federation of Metro Chicago

Esther Katz, In Appreciation of Selfhelp Staff

Testa Produce

Karen Scotese

Tina Herpe

Joan Rossi

Cecilie Ries

Debra and Stewart Reich

Herman and Jay Nussbaum

Ruth Fischer

Eugene Frank

Karen Haugen Woolen

David Komisar

Suzanne Griffel

Geraldine Lewin, In Memory of Bruce Balonick

Phyllis Toback

Peggy Unell

Howard Kravitz

James Syncheff

Judith Harelik

Larry Brenner

Thomas Bland

Mike Magliane

Jeffrey Messerer

Sidney Heisler

Bonnie and Jerry Stock

Michael Fleischhacker

Peter Glaser