Celebrating our November Donors - Selfhelp Home

Celebrating our November Donors

We would like to thank the following individuals, families and organizations who donated to The Selfhelp Home during November of 2022. We are deeply grateful for each of you and your generosity.


Alan Martin, In Memory of Monique and Bernard Nahm

Alison Saltzman

Amanda Marks, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Amy Shevitz, In Memory of Norbert Samuelson

Barbara Schaeffer, In Honor of Susan and Rich Eggener

Barbara Scotti, In Memory of Paula Trisch

Barbara Sholle

Bek Rebich, In Honor of All Staff

Beth Ida Stern, In Memory of Susan Weil

Betty and Todd Musburger

Blair, Dan, and Rachel Waddick, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Bruno Herszage, In Honor of Selfhelp staff

Cathy and Brian Kase, In Honor of Jane Bernstein

Daniel Schwab

Darlene Brill, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Esther Schwartz, In Memory of Renee Schwartz

Ethan and Elizabeth Bensinger

Eugene Frank, In Memory of Meyer Frank

Fern and Craig Hahn, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Gale Stam, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Geraldine Merle Lewin, In Memory of Irene Neparstak

Howard Kravitz

Jean and John O’Leary, In Memory of Ruth Raab

Jill Meyer

Kenneth Jacoby

Kimberly Perman

Laura Carl

Lore Eisenstaedt, In Memory of Ursel Borchew

Marion Golding

Mark Stone, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Michael and Karen Trier, In Memory of Florence Kemp

Michelle Schlack, In Memory of Ethel Ganbarg

Miriam and Rick Morgan, In Memory of Iby Mainzer

Nancy Schlack

Pepi Rubin, In Memory of David Dragon

Peter and Hedy Ciocci

Peter and Lynn Gutzmer

Peter Glazer, In Memory of Susan Weil

Phillip and Cecile Berger

Phillip Bishaf

Phyllis Jaffe

Reynolds Family Trust

Roberta Cohen

Ronald Spitz, In Honor of Grandson’s Bar Mitzvah

Ruth Katz

Stanley Dreyfus

Stanley Parzen

Stephanie Taiber, In Memory of Ethel Ganbarg

Stephen Nechtow

Susan Schloss, In Memory of the Yahrzeits of Walter, Ilse, Siegfried and Lucy Schloss

Thomas Mendelson, In Memory of Rhoda Alexander

Wendy Eager

William Von Hoene