Celebrating Our April 2024 Donors

We are grateful for our community’s support!
Thank you to the following individuals, families and organizations who donated to The Selfhelp Home during April of 2024.
We appreciate your generosity…

Susi Annes
Daniel Azulay
Mark Bacharach
Ruth Baerman
Raymond and Marcia Bass In honor of Susan and Rich Eggener
Charles Bernstein
Susan Besson
Caitlyn Brunner
Peter and Hedy Ciocci In honor of Roz and Ernie Heimann’s 50th wedding anniversary
Steve and Lois Eisen
Ruth Engel In memory of Daisy Schumann
Matt and Ellen Feldman
Michael Fleischhacker
Daniel and Ronda Franks
Michael and Dorothy Fried In memory of Joan Nathan Karlin
Andrea Friedman
Peggy Gelman
Peter and Anne Glaser
Marion Golding
Rose Gordon
Sylvia Gordon (z”l)
William Green In memory of Lillian Green
Richard Greenthal
Saul Weiner and Suzanne Griffel
Anita Guerrero
Ilona Hartman
Tina and David Herpe
Vera Heuberger In memory of Paul K. Heuberger for his yahrzeit, forever loved and missed.
Austin and Beth Gomberg Hirsch
Donald Hoffman
Ed and Ronne Kaufman
Barbara Kaufmann In memory of Lorie Pelz
Eila Koltun
Mark LaRose
Mark and Debra Lavin
Gerrie Lewin
Gary Lindon Happy Passover to Zachary and Erica Lindon and family!
Judy Lohr-Safcik
Gerard Mayer In honor of Donna Mayer
Larry and Donna Mayer
Joan Miller
Keith and Anne Moffat
Walter Moy
Judith Parker In memory of Konrad Parker
Stanley Pollock
Henry Rosenbaum In memory of Lore Rosenbaum and Charlotte Heinrich
Harry Rosenberg In honor of Austin and Beth Gomberg Hirsch’s 50th anniversary
Marcia Rubin
Peter Knippel and Samolinski
Stephen Sanger
Jason Lazzara
Howard and Terri Schneider In honor of Rich and Susan Eggener
Leonard and Joyce Schrager
Renetta Shapiro
Les and Lisa Stern
James Synchef
Stephanie Taiber
Paul Tunis In memory of Patricia Carole Rossi
Michael Vender
Nanci Wechsler
Ronald and Carla Weil
Eileen Weinberg
Harvey Weinberg In memory of Harold and Marianne Weinberg
Walter  Weinberg In memory of Andrea Weisberg
Harry White
Jerry and Jan Wolf In honor of Brenda Wolf: Thank you for joining my class on April 18th!
Karen Woollen