Rehab Rock Star: Diane's Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

Rehab Rock Star: Diane’s Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

Diane K. is a rehab patient at The Health and Rehabilitation Center at The Selfhelp Home. She remembers the time she played tennis 4 days a week. Diane is here from Oregon, and had been suffering from Arthrofibrosis, a condition whereby a buildup of scar tissue prevents normal knee motion. She knew she needed knee replacement surgery and searched the internet for the best doctors.

In her search she found  Dr. Henry Finn at Weiss Hospital in Chicago, IL. Finn is one of the most well-known and specialized Orthopedic doctors in the country that could help her. Dr. Finn is one of the few surgeons nationwide who is performing the arthrofibrosis procedure.

Diane immediately booked a ticket to Chicago to visit Dr. Finn. Her daughters had promised her a “Girls Trip” several years back, and she knew it was time to cash that in. “In the back of my mind I knew that if it didn’t work out, at least I was going to have a great trip to Chicago with my girls”.

After sorting out her insurance and making a few changes, she was able to schedule her surgery in Chicago with Dr. Henry Finn in June. “It’s not unusual for Dr. Finn’s patients to travel from around the country to see him,” said Dr. Logan Hubbard, Head of the Therapy Department at The Selfhelp Home where Diane is undergoing her post-acute short-term rehabilitation and recovering after her surgery.

“Diane has made significant functional, strength and range of motion gains since admitting to Selfhelp. She has returned to an independent function level and has gained 35 degrees of knee range of motion and counting!”

Diane’s journey to recovery has been a positive one and her outlook is bright, “Everything fell into place and the therapists and staff at The Selfhelp Home have been wonderful!” Diane just completed week two of her therapy at the Health & Rehabilitation Center at The Selfhelp Home and plans to continue her recovery with outpatient therapy in Chicago for several more weeks before returning to Oregon. Diane says, “I feel like I should be on the cover of a magazine!”

Diane’s short-term goals are modest for now, “If I can walk my grandkids to school by the time I get home, I will be happy.”

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Rehab Rock Star: Diane's Orthopedic Recovery at The Selfhelp Home

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