Resident's Family Chooses Selfhelp for Orthopedic Recovery

Resident’s Family Chooses Selfhelp for Orthopedic Recovery

Meet Rehab Rockstar: Sharon B.

A Familiar Face at Selfhelp

Sharon has been a frequent visitor at Selfhelp since her husband Harold (Hal) became a resident in 2020, but when faced with her own recent medical issue, Sharon knew where to turn next. Meet Sharon, a Short-Term Rehab patient who recently completed her hip replacement recovery at our Health & Rehabilitation Center.

Sharon’s story is particularly unique as she has a very personal connection to our home. Her husband, Hal, moved into The Selfhelp Home in 2020 and she visits him weekly. Over these past three years, Sharon has become a very familiar face at our home.

Hal’s experience living at Selfhelp has been so positive that when it came time to choose a facility for her post-surgery rehab, Sharon didn’t need to do any research. The Selfhelp Home was already at the top of her list!

Sharon and husband, Hal, when he moved into The Selfhelp Home in 2020.

“Our family has been more than impressed with the level of care Hal receives here on the 7th floor. We’ve been very pleased with how the staff has treated him. Between the incredible team and the fact that my husband already lives here, it was an easy decision.” – Sharon

Originally, Sharon was scheduled for a hip replacement surgery in early Spring 2023 with Dr. David Manning of Northwestern University. However, the surgery was delayed a month due to a surprise infection in her mouth that led to needing oral surgery and lengthy treatment. Fortunately, Sharon was able to stay at Selfhelp and receive care from our therapists as she healed from the tooth infection and awaited her hip replacement.

Personal Touches That Make All The Difference

On the bright side of a trying time, Sharon found the positives to focus on. She has loved getting to spend even more quality time with Hal while she stays at the Health & Rehabilitation Center on the 6th floor. They enjoyed attending the live concerts on Sunday afternoons and watching old comedies on Saturday mornings together.

During her stay, Sharon worked with our staff to organize a celebration and private candlelight dinner for her husband Hal’s 96th birthday. To celebrate, Sharon brought in a bagel tray for the staff followed by a private dinner that was set up for Sharon and her family on the 9th floor.

Although Sharon may feel homesick at times and misses her beloved cats, she understood the immense value of her time staying at The Selfhelp Home and was determined to make the most of it.

Another unexpected benefit from receiving care at Selfhelp: Sharon has made a handful of wonderful friends among the staff and other guests. Everyone at The Selfhelp Home has gone above and beyond to make Sharon feel at home. Sharon has found comfort and support in the staff and other patients who have become like family to her during this tough time.

We asked Sharon what she’s enjoyed most about her time at Selfhelp:

“I’d say the friendships I’ve made. I’m an outgoing person. I visited my husband Hal a lot (as a family member) and made friends with some of the staff before becoming a patient here myself. Being at Selfhelp 24/7 nurtures those kinds of relationships, so I’m definitely going to miss the people here. Everybody went out of their way to be very helpful. I’m already planning to come back with bagels after I get released!”
A Customized Approach for Every Patient

Her physical therapist, Paul Miranda, is especially passionate about his work and was especially excited to help Sharon reach her full potential. Paul already knew Sharon from her regular visits with her husband and created a therapy plan that would help her achieve her goals of resuming her daily routines.

Paul describes her as a very active, outgoing person who enjoys entertaining and she takes care of two cats on her own:

“Her physical therapy goal was to make sure she could go back to living independently at home and resume her typical routine; including regular visits to Selfhelp to see Hal. When Sharon was admitted here after her hip replacement, I knew that she was willing to do whatever it takes to get back up on her feet! She is a very determined person. There are many factors that go into estimating how long the post-surgery recovery process will take. In Sharon’s case, she has exceeded all expectations and has recovered remarkably fast because of her willingness to put in the hard work!” – Paul Miranda, PT

Sharon’s rehabilitation program consisted of 6 PT sessions each week and 5 OT sessions each week. Our therapy team created a comprehensive approach to address Sharon’s unique needs and goals for recovery. Together, they worked on exercises specific for regaining her ability to perform activities of daily living (ADL).

Selfhelp is Truly a Hidden Gem for Surgery Recovery

Sharon praises the value of Selfhelp, especially in the event of a medical emergency:

“I know I’m in a safe and secure environment with access to the medical care I need…whenever I need it. My family and I all have peace of mind knowing that I’m being well-cared for. I’m grateful for the unwavering support of my family who encourage me to stay here until I’ve made a full recovery.”

Paul happily shares positive remarks on Sharon’s post-surgery progress:

“Sharon is 100% on her way towards becoming fully independent with bed mobility, transfers, ambulation with a rollator walker, ADL performance. All of Sharon’s hard work has paid off tremendously.

Before discharging Sharon, our team will evaluate her again to make sure she has met her goals in order to live independently and safely. We will be recommending home health therapy services for Sharon after her stay to make the transition from Selfhelp to her own home as smooth as possible.

Sharon is a prime example of an “ideal patient”. She worked with us in establishing her goals and expectations, and she’s had a positive attitude throughout our time together.”

Slow & Steady Wins the Race, Sharon Returns Home Much Stronger

We had a follow-up conversation with Sharon on her last day at Selfhelp on May 10th:

“I’ve been here since mid-February. Though I had a few hospital stints, I am leaving relatively well! I still have more physical therapy and occupational therapy to do, but I’m well along my way! My therapy goal was to walk unaided. Before I couldn’t even stand on my right leg because the pain was so great. And now I have no pain. I still have to get used to walking carefully and not overdoing it. But the staff here has really nurtured me. I would definitely recommend that those getting hip replacement surgery come to Selfhelp afterwards.” – Sharon

Sharon’s journey has not been easy, but she is thankful for the care and support she has received at The Selfhelp Home. She is excited to go back home to her cats and feel strong enough to resume her daily activities.

Chicago’s #1 Choice for Orthopedic Recovery

The Selfhelp Home Health & Rehabilitation Center offers a boutique rehabilitation experience with the highest quality of care. Here, clients can recover and regain strength and mobility after surgery or illness.

Our team will always go the extra mile to ensure that short-term rehab guests feel at home. If you’re planning an orthopedic surgery such as a hip replacement or knee replacement, ask for The Selfhelp Home. You’ll receive a customized, comprehensive therapy program that addresses your specific needs for recovery. Ask about our new Music Therapy offerings for Short-Term Rehab patients!

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