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Rehab Rock Star: Charles’ Arthrofibrosis Surgery Recovery at Selfhelp

Orthopedic Recovery for Arthrofibrosis Patients at The Selfhelp Home 
Learn how Facebook helped a 45-year-old Tennessee man find hope and get his life back…

Charles Mclain, 45, was born and raised in the Hegewisch area of Chicago. In 1991, Charles moved to Tennessee to help out his family and run a painting business. Like many boys his age, he loved playing sports; but when Charles was 16, he injured his knee badly. In his 20’s, he had a procedure performed on it, but he knew eventually it would need to be replaced. By the time he turned 40, his knee locked up so badly that he had to walk on crutches and needed a full knee replacement.

Unfortunately, the knee replacement wasn’t successful. He couldn’t bend or straighten it, leaving him in an even worse position than he was before the surgery. After years of multiple surgeries and therapies with no success, he still didn’t have a solution to his knee problems. Doctors told him he had no hope for recovery. It even got to the point where amputation was recommended. After a year went by of feeling hopeless, Charles decided to comb through all of his reports and paperwork. Once he learned that the condition he was diagnosed with was called Arthrofibrosis, he started to do some research of his own. A few Google searches later and he found Facebook groups with other people who suffered from Arthrofibrosis. That is when he joined the Arthrofibrosis Support Group and found hope once again.

It was here that Charles met his new friends, Sue Laswell and Julie Muniz, both former patients of The Selfhelp Home Rehabilitation Center and Dr. Finn. After some time, he soon learned about Dr. Finn at Weiss Hospital in Chicago. Dr. Henry Finn is internationally recognized for his skill in hip and knee replacement surgery. With more than 25 years of experience in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Finn specializes in adult reconstructive surgery and has led approximately 10,000 surgical procedures. He is the designer of the “Finn Knee” System, which is recognized as one of the most significant advancements in orthopedics in the last century!

“I have dealt with knee issues for years and finally found a doctor in Chicago that could help me. The only problem was that this doctor had to perform surgery and he insisted I needed to stay in a skilled nursing facility for 4 weeks after surgery for optimal recovery. I visited three skilled care facilities (including Selfhelp) before my surgery, and I found The Selfhelp Home to be the most professional and clean!”

After hearing the many success stories of Dr. Finn’s other patients, Charles made the trip back to his hometown Chicago to see Dr. Finn for the Finn Knee procedure. Julie, Sue, and Dr. Finn all recommended he recover from the procedure at The Selfhelp Home.

“Before the surgery, my quality of life was not there…nobody could help me. Now I have improved my quality of life tremendously. Selfhelp truly cares about their patients!”

Charles raves about the customer service and quality of therapy provided by Selfhelp:

“From the first day I arrived, my nurse Aaron and his CNAs treated me like I was family. They made sure I had everything I needed to enjoy my stay there. They treated me with the same respect and customer service from the first day to the very last. I also appreciated their physical therapy department. Paul Miranda worked with me patiently, but also pushed me in order to get the results my doctor wanted to see. Paul is a true professional and has incredible experience in his field. I will always recommend this facility to anyone who needs short-term therapy or a long-term stay.”

Rehab Rock Star Charles Arthrofibrosis Surgery Recovery at Selfhelp - The Selfhelp Home

The Selfhelp Home offers a comfortable boutique atmosphere for post-surgery recovery and Short-Term RehabilitationRespite Care is available for patients who only need temporary care. Selfhelp also offers a complete continuum of care through a variety of services for every need: Assisted LivingLong-Term Skilled CareOutpatient Therapy, and Independent Living! Feeling grateful, Charles sums up his journey with one line he thought he would never say, “Facebook literally saved my life.”

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