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With Gratitude for Our June Donors

We are so grateful for the following individuals and companies for supporting our Rooftop Renovation in June. We are almost to our $180,000 goal and still need your help.
If you haven’t already made a donation, please consider doing so today. Thank you for helping our garden grow!

Anonymous (2)

Susi Annes

Dr. & Mrs Steven Baruch

Myron Becker

Esther Bensinger, in memory of Gunther Marx

Helanie Billings

Nancy Bokor, in memory of Doris Dallow

Shari Conrad

Mr. Eric Keitel and Mr. Aaron Cooper

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Eisner

James and Beverly Flynn

Martha Fourt

S. David Gates

Mr. & Ms. Peter and Anne Glaser

Marion Golding

Daniel Greenberger

Peter Gutzmer, in memory of Allen Meyer

J. Michael Haugen Woollen

Sybelle Heilbrunn

David & Tina Herpe

Austin Hirsch & Beth Gomberg Hirsch

Rosalie Isaacson

Susan Jacobson

Ruth Kaan

Steve Kolber

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kovac

Anne Leighty

Melvin Loeb, in memory of Roz Spector

Mr. & Mrs. Rod Loewenthal

Melvin Lopata

Bruce Mainzer and Beth Shadur, in memory of Esther Manizer

Lotte Marx

Janice Moore

Mr. Richard Nicolay

Richard Pearlman

Bob and Karen Perlmuter

Mr. & Mrs. Michael and Paula Perlstein

Ilana and Marc Platt Platt

Svetlana Popovic, in memory of Paul Heuberger

Ora Prochovnick

Marilyn Propp

Jo Reizner and James Gimpel

Donna Richert

Cecilie Ries

Carl Rosen

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rosenberg

Nate and Michelle Ruben

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Safran

Samuel Weinstein Family Foundation

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Sandow

Mr. & Mrs. David & Nancy Schlack

Howard and Terri Schneider

Len and Joyce Schrager

Angela and Gary Schwartz

Karen Scotese

Bara Scotti, in memory of Paula Tritsch

Neal Seltzer

Deborah Spector

Marc Stahl

Caryl & Steven Steinberg, in memory of Marshall Lavin

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Stock


Sandra Wilson

Susan Wise

Elizabeth Wolf

Amelia Zagrocki

Jerry & Jan Wolf


Hedy and Peter Ciocci, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Ann Kroll, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Eileen Weinberg

Judith Wolf


We would also like to thank the following individuals and companies for their generous financial support during the month of June:


Mark Bacharach

Maria Burke-Slover, in memory of Betty Balerno

Stanley Dreyfuss and Anita Shore

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Golinkin, in memory of Robert Goldberg

Halloran Masonry Inc.

Edward Hutman

Judith Jurgenson, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Sally Kolin, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Nancy Loeb, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Rubin, in memory of Ray Gordon

David Sperling

Dimitra Tasiouras, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Phyllis Toback, in memory of Gary Toback

Aimee Wielechowski, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Taara Hassan Williams, in memory of Finnie Rosner

Raise The Rooftop

Please help us make our garden grow by making your tax-deductible donation today!